Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Boss Barracudas Bonanza

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/24/2011:  The Barracudas drop in to Toronto this Friday, 5/27, with the Barreracudas and Mother's Children, at the Velvet Underground.

Alvin Cash and the Crawlers--Barracuda

The Barracudas--Surfers Are Back
Plymouth Barracuda ad
The Barracudas–Barracuda
*The Barracudas--Chevy Baby
The Barracudas--Inside Mind
*The Barracudas--The KGB Made A Man Out Of Me
The Barracudas--I Can’t Pretend
*The Barracudas–His Last Summer

*The Barracudas–We’re Living In Violent Times
The Barracudas--Next Time Around
The Barracudas--Somewhere Outside
The Barracudas--Takes What He Wants

The Barracudas--(I Wish It Could Be) 1965 Again
*The Barracudas–The Best Years
The Barracudas–The 11th Hour 
The Barracudas– This Ain’t My Time
*Mother’s Children—What’ll Happen to All the Girls
The Surfaris--Boss Barracuda
*The Blue Demons–Baja
The Barracudas--Somebody

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