Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All Aboard for Funtime

Real Cool Time Podcast, 2/15/2011:  D.C.'s birthday indulgence programming.

Ronnie Hawkins--40 Days
The David - 40 Miles
A-440 – Torture 
*Les Soundtrack--Ce soir c'est ma fete ["Birthday" en francais.]
*Les 409--They Say 
*Ali Baba et Les 40 Voleurs--Shish Kebab Ye Ye

*14th Wray – Your Face Is In My Mind
*The 49th Parallel – She Says 
*The Buffalo Springfield
*The Great Scots—That’s My Girl
*The 14th Wray – Your Face Is In My Mind
*Michael Rault and the Mixed Signals—Sure Is Fun

The Modern Lovers—Modern World
The Real Kids—My Baby’s Book
Lyres—Stay Away
? and the Mysterians—Girl You Captivate Me
X-Ray Spex—Let’s Submerge
Gene Pitney—Half the Laughter, Twice the Tears
[Wait for it...] Walker Brothers Look Chocolate ad
The Walker Brothers—My Ship Is Coming In
Flamin' Groovies "Supersnazz" ad
The Flamin’ Groovies—Teenage Confidential

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