Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Got Hip

Real Cool Time Radio, 10/13/2009: No real theme, but largely filled with goodies from Rocky's recent Get Hip care package.

The Early Hours--She’s A Go Go
The Friggs--Born 2 Make U Cry
Palmyra Delran--Love Has Gone Away
Lulu "Gentle Care" ad
Knickerbockers show ad
The Knickerbockers--High On Love
*The Great Scots--I Can Do It Better
The Fevers--Love’s Getting Better

The Fumestones--Sixties Trash
Los Explosivos--Fuego
The Sick Rose--I Don’t Care (She Doesn’t Care)
Les Macchabees--Tu ne seras jamais un macchabees [CD player #3 inexplicably went haywire here, producing mysterious distortion.]
*The Fiends--Ain’t It Hard

*Christian D & the Hangovers--Shimmy Shorts
Shindig ad
The Shindiggers--Come Back Baby
The Legendary Tiger Man – Bad Luck Rhythm and Blues Machine
*The Chieftones--Rang Dang Doo
Sam the Sham H.I.S. ad
Sam The Sham & the Pharoahs--Ring Dang Doo
*Fuad and the Feztones—Cairo Twist
*The Squires--The Sultan
Rainy Day Saints--As the Stars Fade Away
*Evan Kemp's Trail Riders--Midnight Ryder

October 6, 2009 Playlist [recording server was down...]

*The Hanson Brothers--Hockey Night Tonight
*UIC--Wanna Go?
The Ruts—Babylon’s Burning
The Spits--Army Life
The Summer Suns—Ash and Cinders
The Reactions—Wild About You
The Missing Links—Speak No Evil

Squire—It’s a Mod Mod World
*Mods—You Use Me
*The Tranzmitors – Who’s Gonna Tell Mary?
The Jam—Boy About Town
Tom Jones Coke ad
Tom Jones--Dr. Love
Os Impacto - That’s What I Want
*Les Merseys—Je suis Las [La-la-la-Lies en francais.]
The Who--Sodding About

Pink Floyd—Matilda Mother
The Wellwater Conspiracy--Lucy Leave
*3 To One – See Emily Play
*The Sadies--Lucifer Sam

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