Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get off of your perch & do the Lurch!

Real Ghoul Time Podcast, 10/27/2009: Halloween Havoc with Ykcor, Dee Rangia, and Count Rockula

*The Fiends--Jack The Ripper

The Fiends--Addams Family theme [R.I.P. Vic Mizzy.]
The Neanderthals--Lurch
Soupy Sales—My Baby’s Got a Crush on Frankenstein [R.I.P Soupy!]
Gene Miller—Frankenstein Walk
Graveyard Tramps ad
Dr. Morgus & the Morticians—Morgus the Magnificent
Kwentin Crisp—The Way-Out Mummy
The Ghouls—Be True to Your Ghoul
The Brain Eaters ad
Roky Erickson—I Walked with a Zombie [Appearing at Lee's Palace with the Sadies tonite, 10/28!]
*Les Monstres – Theme du Cimetiere [bed music]

Jan Davis—Watusi Zombie
Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde ad
The Emersons—Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Werewolves on Wheels ad
Mad Daddy Werewolf Poem
Bobby Fuller—Wolfman
The Connoisseurs—Count Macabre
Baron Daemon & the Vampires–Transylvania Twist

*Christian D & the Hangovers—Vampire Rock
*Suckerpunch--Leave Your Mark
Jarvis Humby—Vampyros Heteros
*The Gruesomes--Three Men, One Coffin
*Forbidden Dimension--Vulture Feed
*Merriday Park--Witchcraft

Playlist for 10/20/2009 (couldn't obtain the recording)

Echo & the Bunnymen—The Cutter
Echo & the Bunnymen—My Kingdom
Julian Cope—Easter Everywhere
The Teardrop Explodes—Sleeping Gas
Dukes of Stratosphear—25 O’Clock

*The Polyester Explosion--Madeline
*Red Mass—Silk
*The Night Stalkers - Love To You
*Thee Manipulators—Minor league Fame
*Alun Piggins—Not Happening
*Aslun Mann--Ulysses
*Sadies – Another Day

The Spades--We Sell Soul
13th Floor Elevators--You’re Gonna miss Me
13th Floor Elevators--Levitation
13th Floor Elevators--Fire Engine
13th Floor Elevators—She Lives in a Time of her Own
Roky Erickson – Starry Eyes

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Cynthia said...

Very Cool! I'm going to try to catch your show on Tues. I actually have my own computer now which has set up temporary residence on our kitchen table. Too bad I missed your Hallowe'en show. This time of year is such a blast. Keep up the good work and will try to catch you this week. Also, look for a nice surprise coming into the donation box from us, Matt & Mom.