Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Should auld acquaintance

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/30/2008: Spotlighting some recent acquisitions

The Hex Dispensers—Lose My Cool

The Hitmen—Shake Some Action
The Lords of Gravity—Forbidden Fruit
Graham Day & the Gaolers—Better Man
The Lolas--Ballerina Breakout
Los Peyotes--Vampiro
Los Dinamitas del Twist—Oye lo que te digo ["What'd I Say" en espanol.[
Los Explosivos—Ya no puedes escapar
Takeshi Terauchi--Aizu Bushi

*Action Makes—Charley and the CFF
*The Superstitions—Mercy Line
*The Barbary Coasters--Because You’re Gone
*The Royal Purple--Warm Your Mind and Soul
*The Von Drats—So Long Stinktown

Marva Josie—I Love New York
The Full Time Men—I’m Gonna Have Fun
Moody & the Deltas—Everybody Come Clap Your Hands
*UIC—Our Garage
*Sadies—Rat Creek

The Yobs—Auld Lang Syne

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Suzy Watusi said...

Happy 2009, guys!
What a killer show - loved every minute of it... especially that set dedicated to me - magnifico! Muchisimas gracias, amigos.

Anyways, I made it out of Perth alive - wasn't eaten by any sharks thankfully, and the rellies behaved themselves - and am now back in Melbourne reality.

Gonna listen to your fitness freak show now! Byeeee
Suzy xo