Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What about a Pointed Stick?

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/2/2008: Interview with Nick Jones of the Pointed Sticks, plus tribs to the late Mike Smitreski (The Creatures of the Golden Dawn, The Steeds) and Alan Gordon (The Magicians).

The Pointed Sticks – Marching Song
The Pointed Sticks—Lies
Nick Jones interview
The Pointed Sticks—I’m Numb
The Pointed Sticks—Nothing Else to Do
Del Shannon Pepsi ad
The Pointed Sticks—Keep Searchin’

*The Superstitions--Deceiver
The Creatures—Just Like That
The Creatures—Living in Sarah’s Lies
The Creatures—I Don’t Need Your Love
The Creatures—Remembering Memory Lane

The Magicians—An Invitation to Cry
Blues Magoos Great Shakes Ad
Grupo 606—Busco un camino [Gotta Get Away en espanol]
The E-Types—Put the Clock Back on the Wall
Turtles "Guide for the Married Man" ad [If I were truly clever, I'd have programmed this after "An Invitation to Cry"...]
The Turtles—She’d Rather Be With Me
Turtles Pepsi ad
The Turtles--She’s My Girl
The Magicians--Who Do You Love

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