Saturday, January 6, 2018

Hip-shakin' holiday hangover

Real Cool Time, 1/02/2018: Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.


The Naked Eye–Recovery Time 
 *The Unbelievers–The Hangover Song 
Ad: Sammy Davis Jr.–Alka Seltzer 
*Max Webster–Hangover
*The Glads–My Baby Likes To Get Smashed
*The Purple Toads–40 Pounder Blues
*Real Gone–Better When You’re Drunk
*Christian D and the Hangovers–Sleep My Life Away
*The Evaporators–Get Off The Treadmill

*The Pow Wows–Satan’s Choice 
Wild Angels ad 
The Baron Four–Wild Angel 
Station ID–Mick from Off the Hip 
Catzilla–Kitty Kitty 
Bobkat '65–I Don’t Care   
Juliette Seizure and the Tremor Dolls–Hot Dog 
Car Sickness–Police Dog 
Smart Patrol–World of Lonely People 
The Cynics–Hard Times 
The Grinding Eyes–House Is Not A motel 
Stranger in a Strange Land--The Taxidermist

Real Cool Time, 12/26/2017:

The Smithereens–Time and Time Again 
The Smithereens–Blood and Roses 
The Smithereens--Ring On Her Finger 
The Smithereens–Behind The Wall Of Sleep 

*The Purple Toads–You’re Gonna Miss Me
*Shadowy Men –I Know A Guy Named Larry 
*The Sadies with John Langford–American Pageant 
*Catl–Get Outta My Car 
*Les Merseys–C.C. Rider 

The Mystic Braves–5 Minute Dream Girl 
The Damned—Love Song
Redd Kross–Meet Frankenstein 
Ad: Lulu Coke
Lulu–I’ll Come Running
Ad: Sonics
The Sonics–Like No Other Man 
Deke Dickerson with Los Straitjackets–Theme From A Summer Place 
*The B-Girls–Jealousy
The Jigsaw Seen–We Women 
*Steppenwolf–Sookie Sookie 
*Arson–Not Always About You 
Captain Beyond--Frozen Over  

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