Thursday, December 15, 2016

Space is the place

Real Cool Time, 12/13/2016: Godspeed John Glenn. Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.


The Neanderthals--Space Oddity
The Neanderthals--Twistin' Out in Space
Little Willie John--Mister Glenn
Les Z--En Orbite
The Space Men--Man in Orbit
Deja Voodoo--Blast Off

Tommy Danton and the Echoes--Rocket to the Moon
Les Vogt--Moon Rocketin'
The Cramps--Rock on the Moon
The Byrds--Mr. Spaceman
Rocket to Memphis--Ride to the Stars
Young John Watson--Space Guitar

The Metalunas--Main Theme from "Galactic Frontier"
The Treblemakers--Dentures in Space
Paul St. John--Spaceship Lover
The Blackbirds--Space
Kookie and the Satellites--Space Monster
The Deadcats--Slobs from Planet 9
Planet Creature--Space Country

The Neighb'rhood Childr'n--Long Years in Space

Here's part of our show from last week...somehow only a partial file was uploaded to the CIUT site.

Kid Convict and the Terrible Trio–Cobra’s Blood 
Ad: Mick from Off The Hip
The Jangle Band—It Won’t Break 
*Sloan–Follow The Leader   
*David Clayton Thomas–Who’s Been Talkin’ 
*The Evaporators—Brainwashed
*Cub–You Know He Did 
*The Plague–Searchin’ 
The Hollies—The Baby
The Hollies—Don’t Run and Hide
James Chance and the Contortions—The Splurge
*The Scenics—I Killed Marx
*Arson–Social Eyes  

Wicked Lady–I’m A Freak 
Little Free Rock–Dream
Sam Gopal–Escalator
Hawkwind Zoo--Sweet Mistress of Pain

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