Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shaking the very foundations of the recording industry

Real Cool Time, 11/22/2016: RIP Billy Miller. Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast. And thanks to all CIUT donors for a very successful Fall fundraising campaign.

A-Bones at Wooly Weekend, Montreal, Summer 2009

*Bloodshot Bill–Hey Norton
A-Bones "Free Beer for Life" ad 
The A-Bones–Satellite Dish   
Zantees—Blonde Bombshell
The A-Bones–The World’s Greatest Sinner 
*Miriam–There Goes My Babe
A-Bones w/ Roy Loney–Smoke Rings  

The Sparkles–Hipsville 29 BC 
*The Canadian V.I.P.’s–I Know    
*Luke and the Apostles–Been Burnt 
*Little Daddy and The Bachelors– Come On Home    
The Underdogs–The Man In The Glass    
Bobby Fuller—Jenny Lee
Ad: Untamed Youth "Some Kinda Fun" ad
Untamed Youth—Full Blown 426 Hemi
The Real Kids–My Way
The Mighty Hannibal—Fishin’ Pole
King Coleman—Show Me What You Got
King Usniewicz and His Usniewicztones—From Me to You
*The Ding Dongs–You Better Hide  
*The Tandoori Knights–Dress On 
*The King Khan and BBQ Show--Take Me Back

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