Thursday, June 9, 2016


Real Cool Time, 6/7/2016: Float like a Penguin, sting like a Shark.


Peter Zaremba's Love Delegation–I’m Gonna Knock You Out
The Beach Boys–"Cassius" Love vs. "Sonny" Wilson   
The Dimensions--Knock you Flat   
The Ugly Beats—I’m K.O.’ed
The Campus Tramps–Knocked Out Cold 
The Jimi Hendrix Experience–You Got Me Floating
The Bobby Fuller Four–The 2,000 Pound Bee
*The Viletones–Screaming Fist

*Zoom –Where Have All The Good Times Gone
The Kinks—I Took My Baby Home
*The Bon--This Strange Effect
The Chocolate Watchband–I’m Not Like Everybody Else
The Count 5–Double Decker Bus
*The Legend Killers–Spring Break Shark Attack
*The Ride Theory—Great White Shark
*Choyce & the Sharks—One Way Ticket 
*Terminal Sunglasses–Don’t Be Doing It In Front of the Penguins
The Outcasts – I’m In Pittsburgh (and It’s Raining) 
*The Cynics–Nothin’ [live]

Slobster--Sudden Death   

Real Cool Time, 5/31/2016: didn't get around to posting it last week.

Weird Omen–Extatique 
The Jackets—At the Go Go  
The Mad Violets--Crystal Chandelier
The Liv’in End --She’s A Teaser
Edges of Wisdom–The Past 
Caesar and His Romans--Black Lantern
The Thunderbirds – Hey Little Girl
The Dagenites--I'm Gone Slide  

DMZ—When I Get Off
La Peste--Better Off Dead
*The Diodes—Mercenary Flight
*The Viletones—Motorcycle Girl
*The Mods—Reactions

*The Blue Demons—Jack the Ripper
*The Calrizians—Hernando’s Hideaway
*Luau Or Die—Surfin' Assassin
*The High Tides--Love or Money

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