Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Was I surprised? Yeah.

Real Cool Time, 3/24/2015: RIP Michael Brown. Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.

The Dickies—Pretty Ballerina
LB Coke Ad
The Left Banke—She May Call You Up Tonight
Reparata and the Delrons—Do You Remember When
LB Hertz ad
The Left Banke—What Do You Know
Christopher and the Chaps—They Just Don’t Care

LB Toni ad
The Left Banke—Lazy Day
Bert Sommer—Magic Elixir
The Left Banke—Desiree
Stories—Please, Please
Steve Martin--Two By Two
The Left Banke—Shadows Breaking Over My Head
*Les Faucons—Je ne peux plus rien sans toi, Renee

*Les Sequelles—Mieux vaut tard que jamais [Just A little en francais.]
*Les Brestfeeders – Concerto pour rien du tout  
*Sultans – La Poupee qui fait non  
*Les Hou-lops—Je vous salue Marie [How Can I Be Sure en francais.]
*Meanwood—Sing to Me
*Eugene Ripper—Vincent’s Lament
*Asexuals—Left Behind 

Muffs—Big Mouth [They're at the Horseshoe this Sat., 3/28.]

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