Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Both Feet in the Grave

Real Cool Time, 2/3/2015: Spotlite on BFTG 9 & 10, interspersed with some Canuck faves from other Crypt Records comps. Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.

(Hope your ears can stand the convenient and silvery version we present here.)

*The Fiends--Gravedigger
Station ID: Tim Warren
The Warlocks—Beware 
*The King-Beezz–Now
The Emeralds—Like Father Like Son 
*The Lincolns--We Got Some 
The Why-Nots—Tambourine 

Lord Charles and the Prophets—Ask Me No Questions 
*The King-Beez –I Gotta Move 
The Gentlemen—It’s a Cryin’ Shame 
*The Ardels--Piece Of Jewelry
Knoll Allen and the Noble Savages—Animal
Wild Angels ad 
James Bond and the Agents—Wild Angel 
*The Gruesomes—Theme from Bikers from Hell
John English III and the Heathens—I Need You Near 

The Four—69 
*The Painted Ship – And She Said Yes 
The Orphans—Without You 
*The King-Beezz - Found & Lost 
South’ Soul—Lost 
*The Munks - Long Time Waiting 
Four More—Problem Child 
*The Five D – Dimentia 
The High Spirits--It's Alright With Me

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