Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Meek inheritance

Real Cool Time Podcast, 10/14/2014: Kinda Kinky is koming (Nov. 1 at Graffiti's), as is the Joe Meek documentary.  Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.

CIUT Fall Membership Drive starts next week.

The Squares–This is Airebeat
The Jags–Back Of My Hand
The Spectors–The Trains
The Funseekers–I’m Dancing As Fast As I Can
The Conquerors–Leave Me Be
*The Gruesomes–I Need You 
*The King-Beez–I Gotta Move 
*Les Cordials—Viens plus pres 
The Kinks–Don’t Ever Let Me Go

The Honeycombs—Something Better Beginning
The Moon-Trekkers—Night of the Vampire
Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers—Can Can ‘62
The Buzz—You’re Holding Me Down

Heavy Trash—Yeah Baby [Appearing at the Horseshoe on Fri. Oct. 17 with...]
*Bloodshot Bill—Reach That Woman
*Meanwood—Mercy [At Smiling Buddha this Saturday, 10/18.]
*Larry Lee and the Leesures--Just a Little Too Much
The Sadies—The Solar Culture

Joe Kozak and the Frontiersmen--Hillbilly Rock

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