Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Luney Tumes

Real Cool Time Podcast, 4/29/2014: Miscellaneous Crypt-kickers.   Also streams and downloads at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.

The Torquays--Stolen Moments
Station ID: Tim Warren – Cool and Crazy
*The Ardels—Piece of Jewelry 
Ty Wagner–Slander 
*The King-Beez--Found and Lost 
The Syndicate–Egyptian Thing 
*The Frankenstein 5–It's a Cryin’ Shame
*The Reply–I Must Stop [Appearing at the Sister this Sat., May 3.]

*Meanwood—Sing to Me [Appearing with the Nature Boys at Smiling Buddha tonight.]
*Nature Boys--No Subject 
*Catl—Save Myself [Appearing at the Garrison with the King Khan and BBQ Show next Thurs., 5/8.]
Bill Allen--Please Give Me Something
The Sabres--Take Up the Slack Daddy-O
A-Bones—Louie Go Home
Nazz ad
The Nazz--Kicks
Raiders ad
Paul Revere and the Raiders—Take a Look At Yourself

*Nardwuar vs. Alice Cooper excerpt
Alice Cooper–Luney Tune
The Spiders–Why Don’t You Love Me

*Evaporators–Pillars In The Room

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