Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Saxon Comes Alive

Real Cool Time Podcast, 2/25/2014:  Make your feet move and your head spin. Also streams at our CIUT show page for one week following the broadcast.


The Seeds—Mr. Farmer
Seeds station IDs
The Seeds--Night Time Girl
*Lost Patrol—No Escape
*Jenny Rock—Le Sloopy
The Remains—Hang On Sloopy [RIP Chip Damiani.]
The Remains—Me Right Now
DEVO—Praying Hands [RIP Bob Casale.]
Dr. Feelgood—Because You’re Mine
Lou Reed—Disco Mystic

The Fleshtones—Available
The Split Squad—Tinker Taylor
Blondie—Contact in Red Square
The Plimsouls—Zero Hour

*Greg Dick and Jonah Falco–I Don’t Mind
*The Ugly—Just One Foot in the Gutter
*The Ugly Ducklings—Just In Case You Wonder
*The Young Canadians—Hullabaloo Girls
*The Pointed Sticks--Apologies

*The Treblemakers—The Shmirnoff Conspiracy

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