Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Forest for the Treez

Real Cool Time Podcast, 11/19/2013: And where it counts.

Adrian and the Sunsets—I Don’t Need You No More
13th Floor Elevators "Bull of the Woods" ad.
13th Floor Elevators–Roller Coaster
The Higher State–Levitation 
The Bad Seeds–All Night Long 
*MG and the Escorts–A Someday Fool 
The Del-Vetts–Last Time Around

Little Boy Blues–The Great Train Robbery  
Ray Columbus and the Art Collection–Kick Me
The Treez--You Lied To Me Before 
The Trees–Don’t Miss The Turn  
*The Liverpool Set–17 Tears To The End 
The Opposite Six–I’ll Be Gone

*The Viletones–Dirty Feeling
*The Broken Bricks – I Will Take You On   
*The Hoa Hoa’s–Feels So Good Inside
*Elephant Stone–Lies, Lies, Lies
*Poppy Family–Where Evil Grows
 *The Saffron Sect–Aquamarine Ink
The Magic Plants--I'm a Nothing

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