Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chesterfield King's English

Real Cool Time Podcast, 10/1/2013: She sold me fries. Also streams at our CIUT show page for one week after the broadcast.

The Exotics--Come With Me 
The Zakary Thaks–Won’t Come Back
The Shades of Night–Fluctuation
The Burgundy Run–Stop
The Cynics-- I’ll Go 
Lyres–She Told Me Lies
*The Painted Ship–Frustration
*The Chesterfield Kings–Little White Lies

Stiv Bators—L.A. L.A.
The Runaways—You Drive Me Wild (live)
The Runaways—Secrets
Ratt—I’m Insane

*The Saffron Sect–Phosphorous Flash [They're appearing at a benefit for the film Minor, this Friday, Oct. 4, at the Silver Dollar with the New Horizzons, Ostrich Tuning, and more.]
*The Polyester Explosion–Madeline
*The Bon—Miss October
*The Leather Uppers—Wizard’s Castle
*The Pow Wows—I Heart My Goldifox  
Hackamore Brick–Oh Those Sweet Bananas

*Les Sexareenos–White Light White Heat

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