Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cream of peaches

Real Cool Time Podcast, 8/27/2013: Georgia spotlite.  Also streams at our CIUT show page for one week after the broadcast.

The Above–Georgia Peach
Mac Davis and the Zots—Tell Jessie Lee
Little Phil and the Nightshadows–So Much
The Loving Machines—Dear Mr. Orkin Man
*David Clayton Thomas–Boom Boom
The Fly-By-Nights–Found Love 

Ad: Speed Lovers commercial
Famen--Crackin’ Up
*Ugly Ducklings–I Can Tell
*Chad Allen and the Reflections–Tough Enough
The Frantics—Why
The Celtics—Times With You
The Spontaneous Generation–Up In My Mind  

*The Chains–Baby What You Want Me To Do
The Stone Cutters--Fellow Slave 
*The Great Scots–Ball and Chain
The Swingin’ Apollos--Chained and Bound
*The Gruesomes–Unchain My Heart 
*Fuad and the Feztones—Soul Camel
*The Haunted--Twist
The Woggles—Take It to the People

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