Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The ride's too long

Real Cool Time Podcast, 7/30/2013: Specially yours.  Also streams at our CIUT show page for one week after the broadcast.

Squeeze—In Quintessence
The Shivvers—Teen Line
*The Pointed Sticks – Apologies
The Poppees—Jealousy (alt. mix)  
The Sorrows—Teenage Heartbreak
The Boyfriends—I Need Your Love 
*JB and the Playboys—Treat Me Specially

The Deviants—I’m Coming Home [RIP Mick Farren.]
The Seeds—Ride’s Too Long
The Heartbreakers—Let Go
*The Demics–New York City
Ad: Db’s–New York Rocker
*The Fleshtones—New York City
The Db’s–If And When  
Sneakers–Love’s Like A Cuban Crisis 

*The Smugglers—Especially You
*The Evaporators–Addicted To Cheese
The Victims–Television Addict
*Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet--Theme from TV
*The Vipers--Who Dat?

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