Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To walk you home from school

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/28/2013:  Kaylanisms, rats, and other miscellany. 


Blue Oyster Cult – (Then Came) The Last Days Of May
Slade—Shape of Things to Come
The Good Rats–The Hobo
DMZ—Mighty Idy [Live at the Rat.]
The Rats--Rats Revenge Pt. 1 
The Rats–I’ve Got To See My Baby 
David Bowie—Song for Bob Dylan [RIP Trevor Bolder.]

The Stranglers—Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front)
The Woggles--Say Goodbye to a Dream
The Bureaucrats--Grown Up Age
The Sunnyboys–Guts of Iron

The Heartbreakers—Goin’ Steady [demo]
*The B-Girls–Chinese Rocks
*Simply Saucer–Instant Pleasure
*The Smoke Rings--Smell of Incense [June 1 – Simply Saucer, Hollow Earth, Jimmy Ohio & the Ultimate Lovers – Silver Dollar.]         
*Dany Laj--Mr. Rebound [June 1 – Strangers, Dany Laj and the Looks, Nature Boy, Fucket – Izakaya Sushi House.]
*Luau Or Die--Mojave Chaser
*The Blue Demons--Pussy Whipped 
*High Tides--Showdown [May 31-June 2 – 8th is the annual Great Lakes Surf Battle...Cadillac, Grafitti’s, Oasis Aqua Lounge.]


For some reason the May 21,2013 show wasn't uploaded to the CIUT site, but here's the playlist. 

*The Guess Who—Light My Fire
The Doors—Take It As It Comes [RIP Ray Manzarek--rock doc watching won't be the same without him.]
X--The World's a Mess, It's In My Kiss
*The Gruesomes – Won’t You Listen
The Outsiders – Filthy Rich  [RIP Ronnie Splinter.]
The Outsiders—Sun’s Going Down

The Loons–I Wanna Get You
*The Tell-Tale Hearts–Just In Case You Wonder
*The Ugly Ducklings – Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
*The British Modbeats – LSD
*The Fiends–Come See Me 
The Pretty Things–Roaslyn

The Misunderstood–Children of the Sun 
The Nashville Ramblers–The Trains
The Unclaimed--Run From Home 
The Rising Storm–She Loved Me
*The King-Beez–I Gotta Move 
Love–My Flash On You

*Black Rainbows – Boring On The Phone 

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