Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Voice your choice

Real Cool Time Podcast, 11/6/2012: Election Night Special


*The Plague–Only In America
The Boss Five—Please Mr. President
Vox Ad
Electric Prunes--Hey Mr. President
*Shanker and Romps–Dennis Martinez (El Presidente)
The Yardbirds—Mister You’re a Better Man Than I [BBC]

Fortune and Maltese–L.U.V. (Let Us Vote)
MC5–American Ruse
Senator Bobby–Wild Thing
*Neil Young--Campaigner
Nardwuar vs. Gerald Ford
Raiders "Revolution" ad
Paul Revere & the Raiders–Our Candidate
Doug Brown and the Omens--Youth and Experience
The Colony - Pseudo Psycho Intuition (Politician)
Cream–Politician [BBC]

Jefferson Airplane Levi’s ad
The Jefferson Airplane--Volunteers
Wild in The Streets Ad
*The Pointed Sticks–Shape of Things To Come
*Les Synapses-- Mon Pere Est Millionaire 
*James Clark Institute—Bettie Page Rides a Donkey
*Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet–Baby Elephant Walk 
*Les Sinners--Vox Populi

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