Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mayhem (not psychosis)

Real Cool Time Podcast, 8/14/2012: Who's got their copy of the garage rock bible yet?

Get your copy here!

*The Guess Who–Shakin’ All Over
Who Radio One jingle
The Who–Summertime Blues
Who Coke ad
The Smithereens–The Seeker
*Les Merseys–Lies 
The High Numbers–I’m The Face
The Small Faces--Own Up Time

*The Sherlocks–Girl You Captivate Me
*The Gruesomes–Who Dat? 
*The Ten Commandments—Big Man
*The Midways—A Girl Like You
*The Vindicators—24 Hours Everyday
*Double Naught Spies—And She Said Yes 

The Mop Tops—I Tried
The Pentagons—Try and Find 
The Es Shades—Anyday, Anywhere 
Revelles—You Don’t Love Me No More 
The Malcontents—I’m a Roustabout 
The Highlites—No One to Tell Me 
The Outcasts—Run Away 
Imelda May–Mayhem
Fuzz Aldrin--Trailer Park Quarantine

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