Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't forget Winona

Real Cool Time Podcast, 2/28/2012: Roots rockers and '66 stompers

*Merriday Park--Route 66 

*Jack Bailey and the Naturals–The Bad Apple
*Schomberg Fair–Oh Mercy
*The Lava and Ash–Babycakes Jesus
*Big John Bates—Wide Open Blues
*Catl—Gotta Thing For You
*Meanwood—All the Others
*Sadies—Choosing to Fly

The Answer–I’ll Be In
The Men--Things to Come
The Arkay IV--Little Girl 
The More-Tishans--(I've Got) Nowhere To Run  
The Torquays—Stolen Moments 
The Gestures - I’m Not Mad 

The Fever Tree—Beat Your Drum 
The Preachers--Who Do You Love 
The Olivers—Beeker Street
The Galaxies IV--Don't Lose Your Mind   
The Third Bardo--Lose Your Mind 
The Fe Fi Four + 2—I Wanna come Back from the World of LSD

The Flying Colours--That's the Tune

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