Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Braces on their fangs

Real Cool Time Podcast, 10/25/2011:  Real Ghoul Time


*Les Monstres–Theme du Cimetiere
The Bama Lamas--Hungry Teenage Wolfman 
Thee Gravemen--My Girlfriend Is a Werewolf
Werewolves on Wheels trailer 
The Past Tense--Wolfman 
*The Ultimatemost High–Killer Wolf
*The Worst–Werewolf

The Cynics--Zombie Walk
*The Pow-Wows--Seance
T. Valentine Vampire trailer
Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons--Vampire Sugar  
Gene Moss and the Monsters—I Want to Bite Your Hand
Jekyll & Hyde—Frankenstein Meets the Beetles
*The Liquid Vapors--Spiders & Skulls 
*The Fiends--Gravedigger
Graveyard Tramps trailer
Johnny Fever—Zombie

*The Midways–Night Of The Sadist
*The Von Drats–Torso Alley
Screaming Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends–Hands of Jack the Ripper

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