Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I gotta get me an edumacation

Real Cool Time Podcast, 9/6/2011: Back to school special

The Lolas–Back In School 
J. Jacobs ad
The Flakes–Back To School
St. Agnes Teen Review ad
The Fleshtones–Back To School
Cheech and Choch "Sister Mary Elephant" excerpt.
Dale Hawkins–Back To School Blues
Jerry Blavat & the Yon Teenagers—One More Time Back to School

Jerry Lee Lewis—High School Confidential
Miriam Linna station ID
The A-Bones–Hey High School Baby 
The Knights--Hot Rod High
*Richie Knight & The Mid-Knights–Homework
Lulu Coke ad
*The Asteroids—Don’t Dig This Algebra
The Beach Boys–Be True To Your School
*The White Wires–Be True To Your School Until You Get Kicked Out
Sonny and Cher–Stay in School PSA
*The Evaporators—I Quit School
Fortune and Maltese–Stay in School
Will Crum–School is For Donkeys 

The Yardbirds–Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
*The Famous Last Words--Hey Little Schoolgirl
The Bold–Gotta Get Some
Surrey "College '66" ad
*The Barracudas—Campus Tramp
*Frat Kings—BMOC 
*Our Generation–Cool Summer 

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