Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Electric Eclectic Mess

Real Cool Time Podcast, 6/7/2011: Frantic City Freak-Out fest...le freak, c'est chic!

The Creatures of the Golden Dawn—Falling Down 

The Fleshtones–I Wish You Would
The Barreracudas—New York Honeys
The New York Dolls--Pills
*The Bon—Hey Suzette
*Dany Laj—Remedy
*The Von Drats—Catch Fire

The Offhooks—Another Chance
Paul Messis—I’ll Be gone
The Higher State—I’ll Always be Around
The Wildkat Tamers—Button Nose
*Bloodshot Bill—Crazy ‘Bout the Girl

*The Unbelievers--The Wedding song
King Uszniewicz and his Uszniewicztones—I Got You (I Feel Good)
The Dickies--She
The South Bay Surfers—Suspicion
*The Evaporators--Pouvatel
The Hollies–Tu le sais ["You Know He Did" en francais.] 
*The Guess Who–Croyez-Moi ["Believe Me" en francais.]
Chad Allan and the Reflections–Walk, Don’t Run

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