Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Diamond and Rust Never Sleeps

Real Cool Time Podcast, 4/5/2011:  Kneel before the Neils.


Neil Diamond Coke ad
Neil Diamond—You Got to Me
Neil Diamond Buick ad
Neil Diamond—Hanky Panky
Monkees ad
The Monkees—Love to Love
*Les Sextants--Ils aimant la vie [I’m A Believer en francais.]
*Les Hou-Lops--C’est pour vous que je chante ["Thank the Lord for the Night Time" en francais.]
The Ugly Beats–You’ll Forget
Lulu Gentle Care ad
Lulu–The Boat That I Row
Deep Purple – Kentucky Woman
Arthur Alexander—Solitary Man
"21 Sounds for the Sun Set" ad
The Music Machine–Cherry Cherry

*Neil Young and the Squires–I Wonder
Neil Young 1st album
*Neil Young and Crazy Horse–Hey Hey My My 
*The Buffalo Springfield–Sell Out
Neil Young "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere" ad
*The Dream Syndicate–Cinnamon Girl
*Rainy Day–Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
*Sonic Youth–Computer Age

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