Thursday, December 16, 2010

You'll feel it in your sacroiliac

Real Cool Time Podcast, 12/14/2010: Dance Party

*Jenny Rock—Dansez

Ronnie Fuller—Do the Dive
Little Bobby Moore—Do the Ginger Snap
*Fuad & the Feztones--The Camel Walk
The Flame 'N King—The Whip
The Del-Mars—Snacky Poo Part 1
*Don Norman & the Other Four—Do the Bounce

Surf detergent ad
Bernadette—The Slosh
*The Laundronauts—Stop, Drop, Fluff and Fold
*The Midways--Dish Rag
*Les Sexareenos – Everybody Sexareeno
Jr. Walker & the All-Stars—Do the Boomerang
Little Genie Brooks—The James Brown Bougelou
Little Emmett Sutton—Mom Won’t You Teach Me to Monkey
Race Marbles—The Switch

Sonny Dublin--The Pigmy Grind Pt. 1
Jimmy Troy--The Brain 
Oscar Bishop—Oscar’s Dog
The Royal Kings—The Tighten Up
*King Khan & His Shrines--Mash Potato Itch 
*Michael Rault & the Mixed Signals--Justine and Don’t Twist, Get Twisted

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