Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hanging it up

Real Cool Time Podcast, 9/21/2010:  Swedes & such. 

The Nomads--I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time
*Nomads—She Ain’t No Use to Me
The Crimson Shadows--Even I Tell Lies 
Highway Slugs--Just Another Loner
The Wayward Souls--Your Eyes 
The Pyromaniacs--Lost Revenge 
The Backdoor Men--Out Of My Mind
The Creeps--She's Gone

* Marvelous Beauhunks--Kickin’ Around 
*The Machines—I Don’t Know What I’m Capable Of
*The Chains--Lovin’ Man
*The Ride Theory – I’m On Board [Young Rival at the Garrison Sept 25.]
*The Baketones—Goin’ Up the Country
*The Gruesomes--No No No No [Gerry Alvarez Odyssey at Mitzi’s Thursday, Set 23.]

Terry Knight and the Pack--Numbers
Ventures Hawaii Five-O ad
The Untamed Youth—Where Did Kono Go? [The new Kono is a lady called Kona.]
Zoot Money--Uncle Willie
The Habits--Elbow Baby
King Coleman—Hang It Up [R.I.P.]
Curtis Knight--Hornet's Nest [Jimi on guitar--40 years gone this week.]

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