Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We stay crispy in milk

Real Cool Time Podcast, 7/14/2010: The Gories are coming (Friday 7/16 at Lee's)

Rolling Stones Rice Krispies ad
The Dirtbombs—Another Message from the Dog Tree
The Gories--Hey Hey We're the Gories
Gorgons – Lovin’ Man
The Gore Gore Girls—Lovin’ Machine
Lesley Gore—Off and Running
The Gorehounds--Yuh, Xmess
The Cramps—I Ain’t Nothin’ But a Gorehound

*Neil Young & Comrie Smith--Hello Lonely Woman
*The Deadly Snakes—Pirate Cowboy
*The Leather Uppers – Say It In French
The Mummies—A Girl Like You
The Frowning Clouds--Do Like Me
The Greenhornes--Can’t Stand It
Wau Y Los Arrrghs— No Lo Se

Harvey Fuqua & the Moonglows—See-Saw [RIP Harvey.]
*Mark Sultan--Don't Look Back
*King Khan & BBQ--Love You So
* King Khan & His Shrines--Forty Birds
The Fugs—Slum Goddess [RIP Tuli Kupferberg.]

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Shanker said...

Great "gore" theme. The Gorehounds? They were the dudes that did Dead Things and had a jug player, right? Haven't heard that action in ages! Cool show, kids. See you at the Cadillac Lounge Friday the 13th maybe?