Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trousers big as houses

Real Cool Time Podcast, 5/25/2010: Mostly new arrivals.

*The Pointed Sticks—She’s Not Alone Anymore

Groovy Uncle—Monkey Trousers
The Lykes of Yew—Mr. Wednesday
The Internationale—Pornographic Addicted Assisted Suicide
Paul Messis—Lost and Found
The Hidden Masters—Nobody Knows that We’re Here
The Higher State—Song of the Autumn
The Embrooks – Keep It Quiet

*Mark Sultan—I’ll Be Loving You
*Eugene Ripper—Go Van Gogh
*Mississippi Grover—I’m Buried Alive
*Catl—Cocaine Blues
*Double Fuzz—Don’t Want to Be Bad No More
*Christian D & the Hangovers—Mr. Handsome

The Trouble Makers—Missy
The Branded--Girl in Black
The Omens--Look Away
The Revellions--Ain't No Fool
Johnny Chan & The New Dynasty Six--Hook Line and Sinker
The Crushers--Once Upon A Time

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