Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Skinny Ties & All

Real Cool Time Podcast, 2/16/2010: RIP Dale Hawkins & Doug a Vancouver Olympics set.

The Cupids—Bazazz Tengoku
Nana Kinomi & Leo Beats—Suki Sa Suki Sa Suki Sa [Zombies “I Love You” cover en Japonais.]
Master's Apprentices Ford Cortina ad
The Master’s Apprentices—But One Day
The Yardbirds—Still I’m Sad [BBC version.]
Beat Happening—Me Untamed
The Olympians—Hopeless Endless Ways

Dale Hawkins—Tornado
Dolph, Jimbo & Kearney (The Simpsons Bullies)--My Sharona
The Knack--Frustrated [Apologies for the tinny AM radio sound--the turntable was only going out on one channel. Unfortunately it stripped out Berton Averre's tasty lead guitar work, which is the second best aspect of the Knack after the lascivious lyrics!!!]
Dale Hawkins--Don’t Treat Me This Way
The Knack—Let Me Out
Dale Hawkins--Worried About You Baby
The Knack--Good Girls Don't
The Bluethings--La-Do-Dada

*The Bon--Ancient Times [Appearing this Friday 2/19 with the Von Drats at Mitzi's Sister for Tim Boppa-Do-Down's birthday!]
*The Smugglers--Vancouver BC
Nardwuar vs. Timothy Leary
*The Evaporators--Get Off The Treadmill
*The Pointed Sticks--Out of Luck
*The Tvees--Bright Side
*The Canadian V.I.P.s--Shallow Hole
*The Poppy Family--Free From The City

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Jesse said...

what was the track before deerhunter's - strange lights?