Wednesday, September 9, 2009

That was a good one, Mr. McGree

Real Cool Time Podcast, 9/8/2009: Real School Time

*Maggot Fodder--Summer's End [Very Sisters of Mercy-ish...Burn down the Hot Topic, don't let it take your soul!]
Dale Hawkins—Back to School Blues
WAVZ "High School Datebook" jingle
MC5—High School
Terry Dunavan--Rockin' at School
Fortune & Maltese "Stay in School" PSA
The Trashmen—Be True to Your School
Fortune & Maltese & the Phabulous Pallbearers--(Let's All Go to the) Science Fair

The Go-Nuts—Food Fight
Cheech & Chong "Sister Mary Elephant" excerpt
*Richie Knight & The Mid-Knights--Homework
Lulu Coke ad
The What...For—Of Hopes & Dreams & Tombstones
*Evaporators—I Quit School
Sonny & Cher "Stay in School" PSA
The Boys—Lonely School Days
Surrey Clothes "College '66" ad
The Ramones—I Don’t Wanna Be Learned/I Don’t Wanna Be Tamed
J. Jacobs back-to-school clothes ad
The Feelgoods--Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
St. Agnes Teen Review ad
The Hollies—Schoolgirl
The High School Sweethearts—Pinned
Gayle Harris—They Never Taught That In School
*Les Sexareenos—Sorority Girl
*The Barracudas—Campus Tramp
St. Paul School Hockey Tournament & Dance ad
*The Frat Kings—BMOC
*The Riff Randells--All I Know

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