Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gonna do the bird, if I can, if I can...

Real Cool Time Podcast, 4/7/2009: Getting ornithological on yo' arses.

The Birds—Say Those Magic Words

Byrds Pasadena concert ad
The Byrds--She Don't Care About Time
The Trashmen—Bird ‘65
The Untamed Youth—Bird Dance Beat
Bee Gees Coke ad
The Bee Gees—How Many Birds
*The Plague--High Flying Bird
The Barbarians--Hey Little Bird

The Stool Pigeons—Hello Little Girl
*The Von Zippers--Satan’s Stool Pigeon Theme
"21 Sounds for the Sun Set" ad
The Music Machine--The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly
Attila and the Huns--The Gull
The Moulting Vultures—Gulls Rock
*The Stinkies--El Pollo Loco
The Primitives--The Ostrich
Marsha Gee--The Peanut Duck

*The Ugly Ducklings—I Wish You Would
The Jaybirds--But You Never Do It Baby
*John Kay & the Sparrow—Can’t Make Love By Yourself
*The Vindicators--Thinking Of Birds
*Lexington Avenue--The Bird Collector
*The Ugly Ducklings--Windy City

Thanks to all our wonderfully generous donors! Here's what we played on our FUNdraising show last week:

The Beatles—Money (That's What I Want) [Live in Stockholm.]
The Feelies--Real Cool Time
Gary Lewis & the Playboys—One Track Mind
The Zombies—Whenever You’re Ready
*Hal Willis--Bop-a-Dee
Ronnie Self—Bop-a-Lena
*Les Sequelles--Mieux vaut tard que jamais ["Just a Little" en francais.]
The Hoodoo Gurus--Like Wow--Wipeout
The Queers--Don’t Back Down
*The TVees--In A Trance
*Rude Norton--Gilligan's Island
The Sheep--Hide & Seek
*Eyes of Dawn--Time To Be Going

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