Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We tell no lies

Real Cool Time Podcast, 3/10/2009: Somewhat themeless

The Escapades—I Tell No Lies
The Jesters—Stompity Stomp
*The Guess Who--Clock On The Wall
Marshall Crenshaw--What Time Is It?
The Stems--You Can’t Turn The Clock Back
*Andy Kim—I Hear You Say (I Love You)
*The Lolas—Feelin’ So Good (Skooby-Doo)

The Ad-Libs—He Ain’t No Angel
Kaiser George and the Hi-Risers—Little Devil
*The Trap Doors—The Devil’s Potion
*The Ugly—So in Love with You
*Bloodshot Bill—Lickin’ the Bowl
Warren Smith—Miss Froggie

The Hollies—Hey Willy
Blue Oyster Cult--Don’t Fear The Reaper [demo]
Buck Dharma—Come Softly Darling
Blue Oyster Cult--Boorman the Chauffer
The Loons—Knock Knock
The Balloonatics—The Balloonatic
*The Metalunas—Out of Limits

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