Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hollies Holy Love

Real Cool Time Podcast, 2/17/2009: D.C.'s birthday indulgence programming--a whole lotta Hollies! [If I sound incoherent/inarticulate in my backsells, it's only 'cause I was coasting on three hours' sleep--sorry!]

Don't worry, this ain't that kind of tribute show--none of 'em have died lately or anything like that. Rocky merely offered to let me go hog wild and play whatever I wanted on this birthday-coinciding program, and since I'm in the midst of one of my periodic Hollie-phases I figured we'd have a long-overdue Hollies-a-thon. One of the delights in digging them derives from gradually perceiving their multi-dimensions and the subtle nuances you may have missed during earlier investigations. This time around though, something not-so-subtle finally reared its lovely head.

In nearly 25 years of fandom, how could I have failed to notice until quite recently that Tony Hicks is THEE most adorable specimen of guitar-slung manhood EVER??!!?? The music man of my dreams has been hiding in plain sight and earshot for decades now and I was rather oblivious--what the hell was wrong with me? Perhaps I was simply too mesmerized by the band's sound to pay super-close attention to their visuals. Maybe the full-frontal Clarke-Nash assault overshadowed dear unshowy Tony's formidable forgotten-third fab-gear-ness. Whatever--I may have been an unobservant ditzy-dame before, but I'm makin' with the retroactive Hicksie admiration in spades now, and my delayed reaction to his quiet charisma renders this all the more intense. A tastefully kick-arse guitarist, a fine songwriter and song-picker, a sweet-voiced singer (who didn't record nearly enough lead vocals), an affable bloke by all accounts, an absolute paragon of '60s mannish-boy beauty (those moves, those haircuts, those boss threads, those Newman-blue eyes, that incomparable face, that SMILE!), possessed of an uncanny ability to make even '70s flares and hair look good, and damned if he isn't still the handsome pickin'-&-grinnin' gent today--Tony is the captivatingly complete package and is fast becoming my all-time numero-uno rock & roll dreamboat crush!!!

Can we 'ave this up a bit, I'm on me bloody knees 'ere!

Les Skifflettes in 1957--12-year-old Tony is third from the right, nearly dwarfed by that hollowbody. Was there ever a cooler name for a skiffle band? I think not.

Ricky Shaw and the Dolphins, from whence Tony, Bobby, and later Bernie were poached.

All-FOX man is more like it! It's the NOW sound, it's what's happening!

An all-around exciting shot, yet I cannot tear my eyes away from the lower-left corner.

Why do they want us to walk when we can FLY?

Whoa! These are the tightest, penis-compressin'est, sperm-killin'est, testicle-grippin'est trousers I ever tried on!

Honestly, I don't mean to sex-objectify the man too much. I can't tell you how many past hours I've spent aurally transfixed by his playing and lower-harmonizing, while hardly visualizing him at all, even after some video exposure--so believe me, my attraction is rooted in his art. But gals, if you're in need of a right powerful profound way to enhance your Hollimmersion, do yourself a favor and fritter your life away with the multitude of Hollies videos that even more obsessive die-hards than me have uploaded to youtube. [Guys will find much to appreciate too, especially in the precious live footage.] Watch Tony closely all the while--no mean feat with a stud-frontman like Allan Clarke commanding your attention, or when the Shindig cameramen cut to the go-go dancers during Tony's solos, but believe me, you won't be sorry! A few longtime lovestruck Hicksies have also produced some drool-worthy crash-course compendia in Tony-iconography, must-sees all. I'm even delving deeply into the '70s catalogue, which I'd only lent a cursory ear to before--but I've spared you such noodling here, lest you start mockingly whining "All I neeeeeed is theee aaaaaair that I breeeeeeeathe" at me in your most adenoidal tone, as Rocky has been wont to do!

Little Lover
When I'm Not There
When I Come Home to You
Don’t You Even Care
The Very Last Day
It’s You
Stop Stop Stop [Live ’66]

*Cub--You Know He Did
*The Evaporators—Pouvatel (Come on Back)
*JB & the Playboys--My Delight
*The Plague--Searchin'
*Bernie Early--Rock Doll [RIP Dewey Martin...He might be drumming on this!]
*The Buffalo Springfield--On the Way Home [He's definitely drumming on this.]

*The Guess Who--Flying on the Ground is Wrong
*The Mynah Birds—It’s My Time
Kill Me Quick
Have You Ever Loved Somebody
Open Up Your Eyes
When Your Light’s Turned On
Like Every Time Before
Step Inside
Leave Me


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! There are two Canadian Hollies' fans out there now! rofl...And now I can get a regular dose of decent Canadian content whenever I get homesick...

Surprised you didn't play the Guess Who's version of "You Know He Did" off the It's Time album...but "Flying on the Ground Is Wrong" always makes me a happy-chappy so...

Groetjes from Holland,

Signed D.C. said...

Thanks! The Guess Who's rendition has gotten lots of airplay from us before, so the Rock voted for Cub.

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