Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Well...All Right

Real Cool Time Podcast, 1/27/2009: Day the Music Died 50th, plus Pittsburgh/Arizona Superbowl Party.

Winter Dance Party ad
Buddy Holly and the Crickets--Well...All Right
Buddy Holly--Crying, Waiting, Hoping
Mike Berry & the Outlaws—Tribute to Buddy Holly
"Day the music died" newscast
Eddie Cochran—Three Stars
*Teenage Head--Somethin’ Else
The Real Kids—Rave On
*The Deadcats--Rock Around with Ollie Vee
*Les Habits Jaunes--Donna

Yard Trauma--I Refuse
The Resonars--Gina
*Cattle--Cinnamon Girl
The Tongues of Truth--Let’s Talk About Girls
KTKT Promo
The Dearly Beloved--Flight 13
The Caravelles--Lovin' Just My Style

The Outcasts--I’m In Pittsburgh (and It’s Raining)
Al's Dynamics--Disappointed In You
The Swamp Rats--Louie Louie
*Santers – The Rapper
*The Cynics--She Said Yeah
*The Cynics--Nothin’

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Mr. Suave said...

What a great F*****g show!