Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Havoc

Real Ghoul Time Podcast, 10/28/2008: Count Rockula and Dee Rangia come Back from the Grave!

[Zshare hasn't been working properly lately, so we're experimenting with different hosts--downloading may take a few minutes. Here's a copy of the same file at sendspace, which seems to download a bit faster.]

Milton the Monster Show theme
Danny Hutton—Monster Shindig

Don Hinson & the Rigormorticians—Phantom of the A-Go-Go
Bride of Frankenstein soundbite
The Swingin’ Phillies—Frankenstein’s Party
The Birds ad
The Four Flops—Trick or Treat
Bo Diddley—Bo Meets the Monster
The Eastenders—The Mummy’s Monkey
Dawn of the Dead soundbite
The Magics—Zombie Walk
Zombie news bulletin
The Fiends—Zombies Have Feelings Too

Bed music: Les Monstres—Theme du Cimetiere

Vampire Playgirls ad
The Worst—Dracula’s Daughter
Return of Count Yorga ad
The Ghouls—Dracula’s Deuce
Color Me Psycho—My Favorite Nightmare
Forbidden Dimension—Haunted

Los Saicos—Cementerio
Graveyard Tramps ad
Tarantula Ghoul and the Gravediggers—Graveyard Rock
Les Gants Blancs—Pourquoi j’ai cru en toi [“I Put a Spell on You” en francais]
The Gruesomes—The Witch
Mark of the Devil ad
The Kiriae Crucible—The Salem Witch Trial

BONUS: Last year's Real Ghoul Time Podcast (10/30/2007).

Zacherle—Happy Halloween intro
Bill Buchanan—The Night Before Halloween

Blackula ad
The DuPonts—Screamin’ Ball at Dracula Hall
The Symbols—Do the Zombie
Dr. Jekyll & Sister Hyde ad
Babs Tino—Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
1313 Mockingbird Lane—Teenage Frankenstein
Herman Munster Reads
Bob McFadden & Dor—The Mummy

*Teenage Head--Disgusteen
*The Pointed Sticks--The Witch
*The Worst--I Don’t Dig You Girl (But I’ll Dig Your Grave)
*The Fiends--Gravedigger
Graveyard Tramps ad
*Forbidden Dimension--Graveyard Line
*Deja Voodoo--3 Men One Coffin
*Les Monstres--Theme du Cimetiere

Mark of the Devil ad
Del Shannon—Torture
The Cramps—What’s Behind the Mask?
I Was a Teenage Werewolf ad
Neanderthals—Werewolf from Outer Space
Bobby “Boris” Picket radio I.D.
Bobby “Boris” Pickett—Werewolf Watusi
Don Hinson & the Rigormorticians—Monster Swim
The Drivers—Dry Bones Twist
Bettye Lavette—Witchcraft in the Air

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