Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Real Cool Time Playlist, 9/2/2008: School is In

The Campus Tramps--Summer’s Over
The Fleshtones--Back To School
WAVZ High School Datebook jingle
The Lolas--Back in School
The Wheelmen--School is a Gas
Richard Barrett—Snake and the Bookworm
J. Jacobs ad
The Shimmys—High School Honey
Fortune & Maltese Stay in School PSA
Billy Bragg—The Saturday Boy
Sonny & Cher Stay in School PSA
The Boys--Teacher’s Pet

1966 School Hockey Tournament at
*Andy Butler and the 905s--Coney Island High
Surrey Clothes Shops "College '66" ad
*The Frat Kings—BMOC
*Les Sexareenos—Sorority Girl
*The Barracudas—Campus Tramp
*The Machines—Soakin’ My Brain

KLIF Beatles concert announcement
The Beatles--Bad Boy
Cheech & Chong--Sister Mary Elephant excerpt
Lindy Lane & The Sinners--Low Grades & High Fever
The Runaways--School Days
The Purple Hearts--Of Hopes and Dreams and Tombstones
The Godfathers--Birth School Work Death
*Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet—Exit from Vince Lombardi High
*Bob Regan—Teenage Boogie

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