Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You must think that I'm some kinda gay blade

Real Cool Time Podcast, 6/24/2008: Hot Pride in the Summertime

*The Thanes--It’s My Pride [Lenny Helsing's station ID got cut off--dang!]

Troggs H.I.S. ad
Teddy and Darrell--Wild Thing
Male M1 Shop ad
Pansy Division--Homosapien
Buzzcocks--I Don’t Mind
Judas Priest—Take On the World
David Bowie—Queen Bitch
Leather Ltd. ad
Fleshtones –Return of the Leather Kings
Brawley Male ad
Lou Reed—Vicious
Wayne County & the Electric Chairs—Eddie and Sheena
Heinz—Just Like Eddie

*The Guess Who—Summertime Blues
*Les Miserables—C’est l’ete
*Les Hou-lops—Summer in the City
*The Diodes—Red Rubber Ball
*The Leather Uppers—Riot on the Nude Beach [Forgot that this song ends with a clip from some TV show, which we unwittingly talked over--d'oh!]

Dusty Springfield Great Shakes ad
Dusty Springfield—Live It Up
Lesley Gore--Boys
Joan Jett--You Got Me Floating

*The Stinkies—Orgy Organizer

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COOL!!!! Love it!