Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Psych of the Psouth Pspecial

Real Cool Time Podcast, 9/20/2011: Spotlite on Lost Souls Vol. 3, plus the big show at the Garrison this Friday night.


*Les Breastfeeders—Le monde tourne autour de toi
*Les Breastfeeders–La fille dans la vitrine
*Les Breastfeeders–Amoreux Solitaires
*Les Breastfeeders–Poupee a dormir debout 
*Les Breastfeeders–Septembre sous la plue 
*Les Breastfeeders–Amoreux Solitaires 
* The Bon–Ancient Times 
* The Bon–Static Electricity
*Action Makes--Get the Joke

Les Soules—Village of Love 
The Villigers—Empty Heart 
The Culls—Susie Q
Jamie Holmes—Gloria 
The Tuesday Blues--Till The End Of The Day
The Wet Dream--Fire

Richard Vanover and Bob Ralph—I Can See Your Ways 
The Barons—Come With Me 
The Paragons—Black and Blue
Jimmy Payne and the Jokers—I Wouldn’t Be Seen Alive With Her
The Music Shoppe--Are You Really My Girl?
The Seventh House—Tell Me Man  (That I Don’t Know

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